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WFS News: Trilobite-like arthropod Agnostus pisiformis.

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev With the help of an artist, a geology professor at Lund University in Sweden has figuratively speaking breathed life into one of science’s most well-known fossil species; Agnostus pisiformis. The trilobite-like arthropod lived in huge numbers in Scandinavia a half-billion years ago. Today, this extinct species provides important […]

Aquilonifer spinosus, an arthropod that lived about 430 million years

Scientists have discovered an ancient animal that carried its young in capsules tethered to the parent’s body like tiny, swirling kites. They’re naming it after “The Kite Runner,” the 2003 bestselling novel. The miniscule creature, Aquilonifer spinosus, was an arthropod that lived about 430 million years ago. It grew to less than half an inch […]

Feeding Limbs and Nervous System of One of Earth’s Earliest Animals Discovered

An extraordinary find allowing scientists to see through the head of the ‘fuxianhuiid’ arthropod has revealed one of the earliest evolutionary examples of limbs used for feeding, along with the oldest nervous system to stretch beyond the head in fossil record. Until now, all fossils found of this extremely early soft-bodied animal featured heads covered […]