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WFS News:Tick with dinosaur blood found in amber fossil

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev In a discovery which is eerily similar to the opening scenes of Jurassic Park, experts found the fossilised blood sucking parasite trapped in amber. The insect is actually a newly discovered species of tick, which has been called Deinocroton draculi or “Dracula’s terrible tick”, and would have fed […]

WFS News:Dinosaur blood? New research urges caution regarding fossilized soft tissue

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev Scientists have conducted experiments to accelerate degradation in keratinous tissues such as feathers, scales and hair in order to simulate the processes that occur over deep time as something becomes a fossil. Their findings demonstrate that previous claims showing the preservation of keratin protein in dinosaur fossils are […]