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WFS News: Mammals were nocturnal until dinosaur extinction…

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev With enormous predators like Tyrannosaurus Rex skulking around in the daytime it is not surprising that the first mammals chose to live under the cover of darkness. In fact, a new study, from University College London has found that our ancestors did not emerge from the shadows until […]

Genyornis newtoni: Extinction points to humans

WFS,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev,World Fossil Society:Key The first direct evidence that humans played a substantial role in the extinction of the huge, wondrous beasts inhabiting Australia some 50,000 years ago — in this case a 500-pound bird — has been discovered by a University of Colorado Boulder-led team. The flightless bird, known as Genyornis […]

Beetles beat out extinction ?

Today’s rich variety of beetles may be due to an historically low extinction rate rather than a high rate of new species emerging, according to a new study. These findings were revealed by combing through the fossil record. “Much of the work to understand why beetles are diverse has really focused on what promotes speciation,” […]

A 66 million year old forest fire sheds light on extinction of the dinosaurs

Source: McGill University As far back as the time of the dinosaurs, 66 million years ago, forests recovered from fires in the same manner they do today, according to a team of researchers from McGill University and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. During an expedition in southern Saskatchewan, Canada, the team discovered the first fossil-record evidence […]