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WFS News: Giant extinct burrowing bat discovered in New Zealand

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev The fossilized remains of a giant burrowing bat that lived in New Zealand millions of years ago have been found by a UNSW Sydney-led international team of scientists. Teeth and bones of the extinct bat – which was about three times the size of an average bat today […]

WFS News: Fossil hunters find bones of human-sized penguin on New Zealand beach

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev The remnants of an ancient penguin that stood as tall as a human have been found encased in rock on a beach in New Zealand. Fossil hunters chanced upon the prehistoric bones in sedimentary rock that formed 55m to 60m years ago on what is now Hampden beach […]

Extreme geothermal activity discovered beneath New Zealand’s Southern Alps

Unusually high temperatures, greater than 100°C, have been found close to Earth’s surface in New Zealand – a phenomenon typically only seen in volcanic areas such as Iceland or Yellowstone, USA.