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WFS News: Sollasina cthulhu, The ‘Monstrous’ ancient fossil

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev An incredibly well-preserved fossil unearthed in Herefordshire has been named after a hideous creature from fiction: Sollasina cthulhu. Although no larger than 3cm wide, its array of tentacles reminded the team who discovered it of the monster Cthulhu created by American author H.P. Lovecraft. A gigantic entity worshipped by cultists, the […]

WFS News: Fossil site shows signs of meteor impact

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev Sixty-six million years ago, a giant meteor slammed into Earth off the coast of modern-day Mexico. Firestorms incinerated the landscape for miles around. Even creatures thousands of miles away were doomed on that fateful day, if not by fire and brimstone, then by mega-earthquakes and waves of unimaginable size. Now, scientists […]

WFS News: Fossil barnacles reveal prehistoric whale migrations

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev Isotopes from fossil coronulid barnacle shells record evidence of migration in multiple Pleistocene whale populations Many whales take long journeys each year, spending summers feeding in cold waters and moving to warm tropical waters to breed. One theory suggests that these long-distance migrations originated around 5 million years […]

WFS News: Computer simulations on swimming of Ichthyosaurs

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev Using computer simulations and 3D models, palaeontologists from the University of Bristol have uncovered more detail on how Mesozoic sea dragons swam. The research, published today in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, sheds new light on their energy demands while swimming, showing that even the first […]

WFS News: Origins of giant extinct New Zealand bird adzebill traced to Africa

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev Scientists have revealed the African origins of New Zealand’s most mysterious giant flightless bird — the now extinct adzebill — showing that some of its closest living relatives are the pint-sized flufftails from Madagascar and Africa. Led by the University of Adelaide, the research in the journal Diversity showed that […]

WFS News:Plant leaf tooth feature extraction

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev Plant leaf tooth feature extraction Citation: Wang H, Tian D, Li C, Tian Y, Zhou H (2019) Plant leaf tooth feature extraction. PLoS ONE 14(2): e0204714. Editor: Yi Jiang, Georgia State University, UNITED STATES Leaf tooth can indicate several systematically informative features and is extremely useful for circumscribing fossil […]

WFS News: Tiny tyrannosaur fossil discovery changes the dinosaur timeline

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev Tyrannosaurus rex wasn’t always the king of the dinosaurs. Before they became towering predators, tyrannosaurs started out much smaller, and a newly discovered fossil is helping fill the gap between those two extremes. The fossil findings are detailed in a study published Thursday in Communications Biology. The dinosaur fossil […]

WFS News: 2.1-Billion-Year-Old Fossil May Be Evidence of Earliest Moving Life-Form

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev About 2.1 billion years ago, a blob-like creature inched along on an early Earth. As the organism moved, it carved out tunnels, which may be the earliest evidence of a moving critter on the planet. Until this discovery, the earliest evidence of motility — that is, an organism’s […]

WFS News: Ancient Passerines Fossils reveals Oldest Finch-Beaked Birds

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev A 52-million-year fossil of a “perching bird” has been found in Wyoming with its feathers still attached, a discovery that “no one’s ever seen before.” Also known as passerines, the perching bird was discovered in Fossil Lake, WY. Passerines are well-known for eating seeds, as most modern-day birds do and […]

WFS News: kangaroo fossil reveals origin of marsupial hop

@WFS,World Fossil Society,Riffin T Sajeev,Russel T Sajeev Artistic reconstruction showing the balbarid kangaroo relative Nambaroo gillespieae (top left)                                                                         ( Peter […]