WFS Mission

The World Fossil Society is an international nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the science of paleontology. The Society was formed by Riffin T.Sajeev from Kerala, who started the collection of fossils in the age of 7 and become record holder as young paleontologist in India. The Society consist of professional paleontologists, academicians, explorationists, science editors, earth-science teachers, museum specialists, land managers, students, amateurs, and hobbyists.

According to the byelaw of World Fossil Society its main aims are:

  1. Improving the professional knowledge and awareness its members;
  2. Promoting and popularizing of geology and paleontology as integral part of national culture;
  3. Protection of the fossil sites and rare geological sites and utilization of mineral resources in India and other countries;
  4. Providing expert opinion on current and planned geological research, extraction and utilization of mineral resources to prevent hazardous, economically unprofitable or illegal activities;
  5. Development of co-operation with geological and paleontological establishments both in India and abroad;
  6. Raising the scientific level of geological research;
  7. Supporting and assisting of general as well as supplementary training in the field of geology and paleontology;
  8. Consultations and expert opinions in the field of geology and paleontology;
  9. World Fossil Society organizes discussions on topical issues, workshops, , excursions, and issues bulletins. Training of pupils interested in geology and paleontology is arranged and annual awards are given to young aspirants.